School Play Review

The Drama team of Red Bluff High School came together and performed a play for us. The play was on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of October 19th, 20th, and the 21st. Multiple actors during the play, switched between acts, showing fresh faces every time. 

  There was a 5 dollars entry fee per person. The performances lasted about 2 hours, and of course, there were breaks halfway through the play. They wore detailed costumes, wigs, and used hilarious voices, along  with sound effects from the band. The band was playing music to amuse people and make them feel as if they were in the scene. The play was held in the Performing Arts Center. 

The drama team had been working on their performance hard, and you can tell. They had every word memorized and there weren’t any mess ups. It was a very funny performance and it ran very smoothly. Overall I recommend this show for people that like to see other people enjoying themselves and sitting still for two hours.