Book of Life or Coco?

There are two movies that have the same Mexican holiday involved but, the question is which one is Better.

These two movies are almost the same, but have different plots and have their own twist: one is also better than the other. These movies recognize the Mexican Holiday known as Dia De Los Muertos also known as Day of the Dead. They may have the same holiday involved, but one is better than one another. 

The Book of Life is a movie starring Channing Tatum , Diego Luna, and Zoe Saldana who all voice a character in the movie. The movie is pretty good compared to the movie Coco. The movie Coco stars Anthony Gonzalaz, and Gael Garcia Bernal. These are both very good movies but The Book of Life gives off more romance to Coco . Coco is more of a simple movie with a problem solving plot. But it is a very cute movie for kids to understand the meaning of Day of the Dead.

Both movies are both great movies. Ella Moneraz, a student at Red Bluff High, stated that, “The Book of Life is just better”. Many students at Red Bluff High have also agreed with The Book of Life being better. Deanna Sanchez Gonzales has stated that, The Book of Life is better because, “It was released first and it just has more detail”. Which has concluded that The Book of Life is better than the movie Coco.