Inability To Focus

Being able to focus in class has become a true struggle for almost all school students. I myself have been having trouble focusing. Mostly because I’m laughing at my friend’s idiotic behavior. You know how it gets when you look over at your friend and they’re smiling so you start laughing yourself. It should be well known by now that teenagers have a short attention span. Which makes school a harder environment to focus in. Plus other entities affect a student’s ability to focus. Such as emotional conflicts, fights with friends, family, or beliefs can sorely switch up a person’s day. 

Scientists prove that teens these days have the same attention span as a goldfish. If we’re being honest, I don’t think we even know why our attention span is so bad. My guess is that the school work we’re doing just doesn’t seem interesting enough, yet that’s not true. I know that there is work that I really want to do, I just somehow don’t end up doing it. Even when I want to focus and work on something, I still get distracted. Sometimes I focus too much on focusing and it just doesn’t happen. What does end up working for me though is listening to music while doing my homework. It allows my brain to focus on both things at once, and not feel the need to get distracted. 

Although I say this, it doesn’t always work.