The Hooters war

In Plano, Texas on October 6th, two children went into a Hooters to sell their chocolate bars to customers. According to a report from Fox News, a war broke out between the boys and the workers.

The employees of the Hooters asked the kids to leave, but they were not leaving without a fight. They started flipping chairs and throwing other dangerous objects, according to the Plano Police Department in Texas. Even the manager was attacked.

After they fought they went to their car and waited. Then three adult males got out of their car and fought with the manager, and a customer that was attempting to help.

Wikimedia Commons

A detective , Jerry Minton, talked to Fox News and said that the manager had been attacked by an unknown hard object. The manager suffered a broken arm and a concussion. It is believed that he was attacked with a metal pole.

The fight continued to consume the restaurant as customers hid from the attackers. It is reported one of the attackers threw a standing ashtray through the window.

Currently right now the police have two of the adults in custody, 19-year-old Jeremiah Powell, and 20-year-old Tony Marshall.