Packers losing streak

The Packers have been having a rough season so far, with a record of 3-5 there not looking too good. At the beginning of the year they were on a two win streak but then they suffered a devastating 4 loss streak making them one of the lowest ranked teams in the league. 

 It’s such a shame because for 5 years now they have had no more losses than 4 in the regular season and they have even made it to the playoffs in those 5 years, but this year their hopes of making it to the playoffs aren’t looking too promising. Their only hope in making it to the playoffs has to be their Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

 He’s done it before but this time there is a slight difference in their team and that is their star receiver that had gotten traded to Las Vegas, 3 months before the season even started. Why this matters is because 7 of the years that he has been there, he has scored over 1,000 receiving yards, Davante Adams is one of the top 3 best receivers in the NFL league right now, the big plays that Aaron rodgers used to have has not really been happening lately because the receivers that a-rod have are all rookies that are still trying to get used to playing in the NFL. All I can say for the die hard Packers fan is that I have a little hope left in your team. I hope they can turn things around this season and prove me and everyone else that doubted him wrong.