Christmas or Thanksgiving?

This very common question needs an answer: Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas is a time to give and receive love and gifts, gifts of love and Thanksgiving is a time to cherish and be grateful for friends and loved ones. 

A total of 50 people voted for which is better. 42 people voted for Christmas and 8 people voted for Thanksgiving. Why is this? Here is a quote from Naomi Craig, who voted for Christmas, “I get to spend time with my family and there’s a longer break. I love getting presents, it’s so much fun.” . A great reason to love Christmas as you can see.

 These holidays are similar, but one of them can have more meaning to certain people or sentimental value. Christmas is a very popular holiday but we feel that Thanksgiving is underrated. It needs more affection and should be a more recognized holiday. Some people do celebrate traditional Thanksgiving, but not everyone has or does the same thing for this holiday.  In the end, these students have decided that Christmas is better than Thanksgiving.