What’s so great about Christmas?


Ryann Brewer

Harmony Oakes gives a gift to Naomi Craig.

Why do people favor Christmas over any other holiday? What’s great about it anyway? Is it the presents, money, benefits for yourself, and seeing your loved ones? 

Everyone says that it’s all about seeing the people you love, but is that the real reason why you love Christmas? Don’t get me wrong I like Christmas too, it’s just not my favorite. I believe that most people like Christmas because they just like the gifts, yet I never know what I want for Chrisitmas. Possibly the reason as to why I don’t like it as much, and it could be for others as well. 

Student Bailee Smith says, “ I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my Mom and Dad, I don’t have school, I get presents and I get to give them presents, and I like the feeling it gives me.” All good reasons to love Christmas, yet it feels like there could be more, or maybe less to Christmas.

 For another example, on the other side of Christmas, student Ryann Brewer says, “ I like Christmas because presents and hot coco, and I hate that before Halloween even starts, people are already talking about Christmas, that makes me not like it as much. Plus divorced parents.” 

Everyone understands that Christmas is good for presents even if you only like it and not love it, but what about people who don’t like being gifted? Then they can just give to others and ask for no presents right? But there is another aspect that Ryann  brought up, what about us kids who have divorced parents? Our Christmases are divided, so we don’t get that normal, traditional, bring everyone together type of Christmas; instead it’s torn apart and somewhat lonely. 

Well I suppose that there is a little bit of something about Christmas that everyone can at least like right? Yet just like Ryann said, that doesn’t mean that people should start celebrating it before Thanksgiving, especially Halloween for that matter. It’s just annoying and draining.