Hocus Pocus

I have wondered what people think about the old Hocus Pocus compared to the new Hocus Pocus. Well, let’s see. I have gone around and asked people what one will be better and I got a lot of people saying that they think that the first one was better. 

The reason as to why they think it was better, is because it is an original and so for the second one they had tried to make the movie more modern, and it is not the kind of movie to change the time setting in. 

People were also saying that they do not like the sequel in the second one because they think that sequels ruin the movies. The first one is better to the majority of people because it was an original piece and goes with the old witchy times. There was really nothing for them to add. 

The second one just seemed like a repeat, but with more reasoning and more information to the witches and how and why they became the witches.