Alpine season slides into the school year

Last week on Wednesday, alpine had its first unofficial meeting during lunch break in the Old Gym at Red Bluff High School. Coach Daricek, who led the meeting, told students the practice times and requirements for being in the Alpine team. With dry lands quickly forming and Mt. Shasta being covered in snow, it is obvious the team will be taken to the snow soon.

One of the biggest requirements for joining the Alpine team is the cost, not counting the equipment you’ll need to spend around $1300 in all for snowboarding. The boots usually cost around $200, the helmets cost around $100-$300, the bindings usually cost around $150, gloves and goggles usually both cost around $100, and the snowboard usually costs around $300.

Not only do you need the equipment, you also need to sell a minimum of eight wreaths to raise money for the team. Skiing experience is needed to join the team. If you have no snowboarding or skiing experience, talk to Daricek and see if you can go up to Mount Shasta to get a lesson or two.

The first parent meeting is November 17th at 5:30 PM in the weight room.