Midnights with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released her tenth studio album on October 20, 2022 called midnights. The songs were written in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep. The most popular songs on this album are Lavender Haze, Maroon, Anti-Hero, You’re On Your Own Kid, Midnight Rain, and Bejeweled. In my opinion the lead single Anti-Hero is not a good song, yes it has a personal meaning to Taylor and to many others but one line in the song ruins it for me and that is “Hi, It’s me, I’m the problem.” That part makes me so angry because it’s just flat out annoying. This song is worse than ME!. There are so many other great songs on this album that should’ve been the lead single. I wished she made Karma as the lead single due to the song being a myth among swifties since 2016. Other than those complaints, Midnights is a phenomenal album.