Ms. Garcia speaks to her students

Ms. Garcia has been a math teacher for two years. Ms. Garcia didn’t plan to become a teacher and claims it was never in her plans but it was something that just happened quickly with time. She graduated in 2020 and with the pandemic occurring she needed to make money. She started subbing at RedBluff HighSchool and her occasional subbing turned long term. After time many administrators and staff members gave her recommendations to take the job she currently has, especially since she enjoys math. Ms. Garcia wasn’t sure whether to take the job but decided she would because she knew she could make a difference as a teacher and enjoys watching the impact she can have on some kids. Ms. Garcia was a student at RedBluff HighSchool prior to becoming a teacher but she believes her transition as a student to a teacher at this school was something that ended up being surprisingly easy to her but she still has a hard time calling some teachers by their first name. She sometimes feels like a kid because she knows that she’s a young teacher and the majority of her personal values are different from her other peers simply because of her age. Ms. Garcia’s proudest achievement was her masters degree since she put a lot of work and effort into it . One other accomplishment of hers that she’s proud of is that she got a job as a math teacher without a math degree which means she’s working as an intern rather than a teacher until she is able to get her credential. Ms. Garcia highly enjoys her high five Fridays and enjoys hearing people’s highs and lows at the end of the week. She also enjoys the rally’s, homecoming, and the end of the year because at that point she’s known her students long enough to have a set of comfortability with them. Ms. Garcia wishes all her students would know that even if she doesnt show it she truly cares about all of her students and their success even if her students don’t think so far into their future she does and she’s invested in them having a successful life. Another thing she believes her students need to know is that they need to talk to their teacher especially if they are stressed or upset. Ms. Garcia was on the dance team for three years and has been a dancer since she was eight. She can do the splits all three ways and loves penguins. She really enjoys this time of year because people see penguin items and buy her them because they thought of her.Ms. Garcia loves to talk about college but holds herself back from it because she knows it stresses people out but it’s definitely a thing she enjoys talking about and sharing experiences about. Something  she enjoys highly is having some of her old students pass by and attempt to keep the same relationship with her that they had as a student.