God Of War 2018 Video Game Review

God of war 2018 is a masterpiece and portrays the events before the newest installment in the series: God Of War Ragnarok; that came out Nov 9th. This action adventure game shows themes of father son bonding, escaping your past, and death. 


The storytelling in God of War is beyond amazing. From the story progression to the beautifully made cinematics; it never lets down. The story follows Kratos and his son Atreus as they journey to the highest point in all the realms to spread his mothers ashes. They encounter many obstacles and enemies. Traveling through realms, fighting different enemies, and even a dragon are all commonplace things on their adventure.


The characters in this game are fleshed out very well and they are all relatable in their own way. The character dynamic between Kratos and his son is encapsulating and has some of the best character growth in all games. Kratos goes from being a distant and tough father to being a kind father while still maintaining a mean demeanor. Atreus really matures throughout the game and learns his lessons of patience and overcoming emotion. The two are accompanied by 3 main side characters. Two dwarf blacksmiths named Brok and Sindri whose relationship is mended at the end of the game. And a god named Freya who helps them along their journey.


The gameplay is stellar, although held back by the thirty FPS It runs on.

Combat is thrilling and challenging and slashing through enemies never gets old. There is a parkour system in this game that adds another fun dimension to the otherwise straightforward level design. Puzzles in this game are just the right amount of difficulty to not take too long but still offer that feeling of satisfaction when completed.


Overall This game is a great entry in the series. It is a good example of a well crafted video game. If you are going to play God of war Ragnarok, this game is a must play and a good addition to any game selection. I rate it a 10 out of 10.