Wattpad an “inappropriate” app

Wattpad an inappropriate app

Wattpad is known as a malapropos app that has erotic fanfiction. However, Wattpad brings communities together.  While their fellow peers write stories that give them different perspectives of people’s lives. As a person who both reads and writes on the app; I would have to say my judgment may be a bit cloudy; however, there are so many good stories that just bring smiles to the readers face with or without them knowing. I have plenty of friends who have or do read stories on wattpad and enjoyed their time reading. You can find just about any type of book on the app for free. It’s an app that has enhanced both my reading and writing skills; to which I am very grateful for.

When entering the app, it shows a home screen that has recommendations for you, relating to the books you’ve previously read. On the homepage you can customize the app to your liking like changing the font or making it dark mode. Then there’s the screen that has different categories of books that rely on the hashtags on the books. Next screen is the library; the library shows books that you can put in to read for later and you can even download 1-3 books to read offline. In this section you can make groups that can be both open to the public or private for just yourself. The following partition is the write area; you can write whatever you please in this area and as many books as you want. There are many different things you can do to make the book more personalized and interesting: adding pictures, a bio, hashtags, notes, videos, gifs, changing the font, etc. Next page is the notification section, you get notifications from writers you follow or books that you have in your library that are updated, you can also get notifications from people interacting with your book.

Overall, this app is one I recommend even with the bad reputation. The amount of good books I have read just from one author is amazing. It’s a very interactive app that brings joy to many people. Yes, there are many books that are horribly written and inappropriate; there are many that come with real life experiences.