Girls soccer games begin

Soccer games begin for Girls soccer next Monday, on December 8th, against West Valley. The practices have been ranging from 4-5:30 p.m., which has left the players in the freezing cold. 

While moving around has kept the players warm, the icy wind does not help, certainly making it worse. The practices have mostly been going over plays, and preparing for their first soccer game so they have a greater odds to win. The goal for the team before they go into the league is to have a few games under their belt, so the players have experience. They were issued uniforms on Monday, at lunch. Almost all of the team came to get their size, except for the few that either forgot, or weren’t there. 

The soccer team scheduled two games against Orland, 2 games against PV, 2 against Enterprise, 2 against Shasta, and 2 against Foothill. 

The weather forecast hasn’t been looking too good for the future, with rain clouds everywhere and the freezing cold temperature. The Football field has been frosty and wet lately, making practice even more difficult for the team.

 The coach will hold shooting goal practice for thirty minutes after practice for those who want extra help or practice.