Unpacking: An Underrated Masterpiece

Unpacking: An Underrated Masterpiece

Due to today’s world, there are thousands of different types of games that can be played by people with different wants, needs, and different genres that makes a person enjoy a game. Out of the hundreds of games I was scrolling through with my newly gaming computer, I found one of the most beautiful games ever: Unpacking. 

Unpacking was a game made by the company, Witch Beam, a small Australian company that made Assault Android Cactus. The game was inspired by the co-director of the company, Tim Dawson, and his partner, Wren Brier: when Wren noted how it was an experience when moving into her partner’s house and unpacking the boxes. They started making the game in 2019 and released it on November 2nd, 2021. The game has you playing as the main character, unpacking boxes of your things as you grow up moving from house to house throughout the years as you grow as a person. While the graphics are pixelated, that does not stop it from telling a beautiful story that at the end of the game, made me burst into tears.

As the story goes, we learn about the main character’s interests, friends, relationships, and we get attached to our character just by unpacking her objects that tell the story gracefully. With the serene atmosphere, the soothing music, and the repetitive but fun game mechanics, the game helps me calm down and sort different ways that the game could still deem as correct. Something else that the game made me blown away was the gorgeous representation of not just LGBTQ+ community but also ethnicities, religions, and disabilities that I did not catch until a few more replays of the game! It also has a gorgeous ending song that is sung by Wren Brier herself!

The game personally struck a chord with me due to just its simple yet understandable idea and story that could be told all over the world. It was also the fact that the main character had a lot of the same hobbies as me such as being in a RPG campaign, liking animation, drawing, and a close relationship with the stuffed animals she grew up with.

 If you want a simple game that can easily tell a story, has a relaxing atmosphere, and has even the tiniest details, then Unpacking is a perfect game for you!