Loss motivates Red Bluff basketball team to work harder

The Red Bluff Spartans kicked off with a rough start to the year by losing two thirds of the games played. The Red Bluff Varsity team won 60-16 in one game, meanwhile the other two victories were stolen by River Valley and West Valley. The losses have only motivated players to work harder than ever before since they now know what is at stake. Last year our Varsity Basketball team went from losing 15 games in a row to showing up and beating Shasta 33-36. The Red Bluff Basketball team can come back from a loss and impress everyone but it’s not  going to be surprising if they can’t. This rough start does not define the Red Bluff Basketball teams because they have shown in past seasons that they will come back better than before. The next game is an away game at Enterprise on December 1st 5:30 PM. Players and coaches are excited for the challenge of the upcoming games and they recommend students to go and support their players.