Locked bathrooms causing a disturbance

Red Bluff High School, according to the office, has a total of sixteen restrooms. With many lavatories to go to, there are a plethora of chaotic antics that may go on, and few security personnel to oversee it all.

 Recently, there have been problems with students going to the bathroom to do drugs, vaping, and other such irresponsible misbehavior. The effects of the actions of uncaught juvenile students have caused repercussions for their peers. Weeks ago, all the fire alarms were blaring loudly for thirty to forty-five minutes, due to smoke in the restrooms triggering the fire bell, yet the smoke was not from hot flames, but from vapes. The noise was a rude disruption during class, causing a distraction and making it hard to concentrate. As of lately, the vast majority of lavatories have been closed, which has been a time consuming obstacle because looking for an open bathroom is such a hassle. Many times, one would have to walk around half the school, simply to find an unlocked restroom.

 It is a waste of time for the students who are not guilty of committing the same crime. At times, when it is unlocked, the lavatory might still have the strong smell of weed, which is disturbing to inhale. The chaos about the bathrooms is the result of students who simply do not care about their peers and the convenience of others. They are hurting themselves and those around them, with not a care in the world.