Terrifier 2 named a gorefest

Terrifier 2, a movie that was released October 6th. Many Believed it was just a scary movie but for terrifier 1 fans it was the excitement of october. The people who had proceeded to watch the movie claimed the movie made them nauseous,vomit, and pass out.  It’s objectionably devious nastiness, too extreme even for me.” One viewer claimed. Posts started being made about the movie on social media sites such as instagram or tiktok. “The nightmare on elm street or IT are scary movies, This movie is beyond scary. It’s a full gorefest made to be gut wrenching” One influencer spoke. Terrifier 2 is about a clown who was resurrected by an enemy while the clown makes his objective to terrorize a teenage girl and her younger brother but the terrifying clown clown refuses to make a single noise. The movie wasn’t the scariest but they definitely went over expectations with the gore. The movie was nominated for an oscar and became trending on twitter with  #oscarforart. The movie had a low budget of only $250,000 but the writer David Howard Thorton laughed saying he is already planning and writing ideas for a third movie and hopes he gets a badge for how terrifying the movie turned out to be. The success of the movie was a surprise in itself as the first movie didn’t do well but with the infamous sequel 700 screens were played in the second weekend.