“Velma” becomes the worst-rated show in IMDB history

The show Velma has been rated 1.3 stars out of 10, and it’s quite obvious why. The show’s developer, Charlie Grandy, changed the character’s ethnicity, and the childish innocence of the original show. The creators made Shaggy bi-racial, Velma is now South-Asian American. There weren’t too many big changes to Fred. However, Daphne has a crush on Velma, instead of Fred, and she is now East-Asian American.

The plot of the show is an alternate reality from the Original Scooby-Doo. It is a more mature show; it is rated TV-MA, for mature audiences. The show actually shows drugs and dead bodies, whilst the original Scooby-Doo never showed blood. I believe that the show was trying to get in touch with today’s teens, by making a racially and LGBTQ+ inclusive show. However, the ratio of 1 star reviews to 5 stars is incredible. Incredibly bad. The sentimental value of the original was so heavy that Velma sat uncomfortably in those who watched it. The childish wonder of all the shows and movies starring the Mystery Incorporated, is now long gone. The producers complicated the characters and story altogether, and it can no longer be enjoyed as a family film.

Velma is now seen as a sick joke compared to the primary, successful television series and many movies in the past years. Only ten episodes have aired so far, and despite its backlash and low ratings, a second season is in the making. Rather than wasting time, remaking and ruining years of motion picture brilliance, the producers should start over and create an original series, with new diverse characters across the board. We’ll see how well that goes.