Freshman choose their classes

As the second semester is slowly going by for all the kids at Red Bluff High, many of the new Freshman are preparing for picking their classes. As of right now, it is February 9th, 2023, and around next week is when one of our four counselors will come into our English classes and help us choose our classes for the next three years. Some have said that it could take up all the time in English due to kids needing help, questioning their classes, and many other situations which could take a while to solve. 

For the kids worrying about wanting to change classes due to changes in jobs, better schedules, or just wanting to drop a class, then you will be perfectly fine to change it whenever. Sometimes a counselor would come by to the other classes and age groups to make sure everyone is happy with their future classes and do not have to change it last minute or when you started the class and get behind in the new class you started. So be ready to choose some and try to plan out some of your classes so it could be less stressful!