RBHS soccer season ends

Soccer season is ending here at Red Bluff High.  This includes JV girls, Varsity girls, JV boys, and Varsity boys.  JV girls have had a rough but learning season, winning two out of nine games.  However, they do have one more chance to win.  Their final game of the season will be against the Foothill Cougars on Wednesday the 8th.  Their latest game was played against the Enterprise Hornets. RBHS beat them 10-0.  The JV boys season has been “good”, described by freshman player Ethan Torres.  Torres is proud to announce he scored two goals in their last game. The JV boys’ last game is also against Foothill on Wednesday the 8th.  Varsity boys have also had a rough season, akin to the JV girls.  They have had a losing streak, but have won one game.  Again, their last game will be against Foothill.  Varsity girls’ season has been similar to the JV girls season, with learning experiences and tough losses.  And in repeated fashion, their last game will be against Foothill