“Puss in Boots” ratings vs. “Avatar 2”

The new movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish took a major risk playing right after the second Avatar movie: Avatar way of water, but it pulled off. Puss in Boots has an 86% rating on rotten tomatoes, and so far made 555 million USD. Avatar has a rotten tomatoes rating of 76%, and made 2 billion USD, however, it cost around 250 million USD to make. Puss in boots cost about 90 million USD. 

The director of Avatar 2 (James Cameron) has already prepared for Avatar 3 and 4 by shooting the childrens scenes in order for them to not have looked like they aged in the movies. In order for these movies to happen Avatar 2 would have to have been super popular and make a lot of money; if this doesn’t happen the director might be in major debt.