Freshmen share their opinions on the Daily News GPA article

On February 4th the Red Bluff Daily News posted all of the freshmen’ 2022 fall semesters GPA. Everyone who got a 3.0 or higher was announced in this article. On Tuesday, February 7 the paper will publish 10th grade, on  Wednesday the 8th, and 11th grade and then finally February 9 they will publish the senior class list as well. When asked how the freshman around the school felt about this list being published, they had many different opinions. Drako Daulton was not on the list and states “I feel upset, I should be on the list, I’m fun to hang out with and GPAs shouldn’t matter.” Ryann Brewer has a 4.0 GPA and while interviewing she said “It’s cool that they posted it like it makes me proud, but I feel bad for some kids who saw it and weren’t on it, but other than that, I don’t care too much about it.” Jazlynn Goss has a 3.0-3.9 GPA and she states that “ I had no idea, but it’s pretty cool, I worked really hard.” Mr.Shilts a teacher here at Red Bluff High School says “It’s happened for at least as long as I can remember, I don’t think grades are as important as we make them out to be.” Another freshman that was not aware of this list Mitchell Topia states “I’m a mid-student so I don’t care.” Many of the different types of students and staff members have a variety of opinions. However, their statements mostly all fall under the same category: the ones who did make the lists were proud, but also felt bad for others, while the ones that didn’t make it, did not really care too much about it. The staff members are also concerned that the lists might create low esteem, and other staff thinks it will make the students try harder in their education.