T.F.B.B crab feed auctions cakes

The annual crab feed has started back up again. The Crab Feed is a charity for Tehama Firefighters. The most recent one happened on Saturday: March 4, 2023 this year. It was a big success, because they made a whopping 93,511 dollars. The way the charity gets donations is from local wineries. The cakes are baked and donated by fire station personnel and administrative staff. The winner of this year’s desert war was a cake that sold for 1100 dollars. It was made from Batalion 4. Silent auction-Items are donated by local businesses. They include trips, gift baskets, and raffle prizes. Thes annual crab feed is held at the community center the first Saturday of March. It tends to be such a success and so well known that it sells out every year with no advertising. The wines typically sell for 100’s of dollars. The highest selling one sold for about 2200 dollars. There are also rifle/gun auctions. The food served on the most recent one had soup, crab, salad, biscuits, and clams cakes for dessert. The donations made went to the toy drive, and to local families in times of tragedy. The Crab Feed is a non-profit organization. Remarkably, the highest grossing year is 101,098 dollars in 2019. So compared to this year’s results, the Feed did pretty well.