Powderpuffs Football

Junior and Senior girls at Red Bluff High School, and many other neighboring schools, have been practicing and preparing for Powderpuff football. At RBHS, there is an upcoming game on March 31. There will be a pep rally during school, then the game at 6:30 pm. Games averagely last for about an hour, at the least. The funds from ticket sales and the concession stand typically go to charities, the senior class, or to a dance.

Powderpuffs, also known as flag football, has been going on since 1972, when it started in Wallingford, Connecticut. Judy Samaha created the sport to encourage girls to join more athletic activities. Boys can participate too; they can join to be cheerleaders and motivate their female peers.

Overall, the game is about female empowerment. Supporting and inspiring women to try new things and prove to themselves, and others, that they can do whatever they put their mind to. It is a celebration of hard work and progress.