Tehama District Fair Coming to Town


The Tehama district fair is something that many civilians look up to. For many it is the highlight of their year. The fair has competitions, rides, small booths to shop at, and a little of everything for everyone. The fair starts May third and runs all the way to the seventh. For a one day admission pass the tickets for people thirteen or older is fifteen and kids ages three through twelve have a five dollar admission ticket. You can also buy admission passes for all days of the fair. They offer many different things and even have something called a “family fair pack” which includes; four one day admission passes,two carnival wristbands which allows you to go on any ride you’d like, also a parking pass as the fair aways gets very crowded by the many families looking to enjoy a good time. The fifth and the sixth have concerts by Dylan Scott and Priscilla block. If you’re looking to have a nice day with the family or just want to enjoy something yourself or with your friends come to the Tehama district fair starting the third of may.