Mr. Spartan


Mr.Spartan was a great performance. The place was so filled and it was a long process leading up to this moment of Mr.Spartan and there were a whole bunch of people that really enjoyed it. This event had happened March 4th 2023 @7:00 in the RedBluff highschool performing arts center (PAC) this was the 27th annual. There was a lot going on in this performance but the first thing was the Opening dance with the 8 contestants who are, Meiko Barragan, Kristian Ago, Wade Dewsnup, Mateo Vazquez, Colton Keffer, Joshua Miller, Ryan Nguyen, and lastly Grant Gibbs. 

After they had done their opening dances we welcomed our Masters of Ceremonies, which are Kate Grissom and she is a community business owner and we also welcomed a past Mr.Spartan from 2016, Sam Story. After we had welcomed them out they had said a few things of what will be happening next and so the next thing is the Tuxedo Walk between all of the contestants. For that they had their own time on the stage and they were getting introduced by Sam and Kate and while they were doing that the contestants were showing off a little bit of their moves so after they were done with the tux walk the next thing was that talent competition. They all individually had their own chance on the stage to show off one of their wonderful talents that they have practiced for this event. 

One they all finished with their talent there was a brief 15 minute intermission. During the intermission a lot of the people that were in the (PAC) went into the lobby and outside to get some fresh air. After the 15 minute intermission the next act was the costume walk. For their costume walk they came out with their idea of a costume and did a little performance separately. After the costume walk is the behind the scenes video that just showed the process leading up to this point. Then there was a closing dance and a photo opportunity where everyone had a chance to go close up to the stage and take as many photos as you would like of all the young men posing. Then the last thing to the event/show was the Acknowledgements for a lot of people that helped out to make this happen and look good.

 If you have any suggestions feel free to email Karlee Garcia or go talk to her before or during lunch in room L110.