Top 5 reasons for Rise of the TMNT’s hate

Top 5 reasons for Rise of the TMMT’s hate.


Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an American animated television series that began airing on nickelodeon in July of 2018.

The show was based off of the other takes on the TMNT universe with the creators own personal twist.


1.Unreasonable hate from viewers.

From the moment the show began airing, viewers had already begun bad-mouthing the series.  One major issue they had with the show was its very noticeable differences from the other takes of TMNT.


One of those differences was Raphael being the leader of the brothers instead of Leonardo.


2. Rise’s hidden plot.

As said in the last slide, one of the reasons for Rise’s hate is the serie’s supposed lack of action based plot lines.

However, unlike other versions, the hero vs. villain plot is hidden under its comedic one-shot-like episode format.  The viewer must pay attention and watch all of the episodes for the plot to introduce itself.


3. Diverse characters.

ROTMNT is a very diverse show.  The serie’s April, who is often represented as a white ginger girl, is now depicted as an african american girl.  On top of that, Donatello is depicted to be physically disabled, Leonardo is hinted to be queer, Donatello and Michelangelo are both neurodivergent, Splinter’s Japanese roots are not forgotten or forced into the plot, and so much more.


Despite representation being a good thing, viewers still hated the changes.


4. New Characters.

Rise of the TMNT also gained a lot of hate for its introduction of new character’s.

Despite most of these new introductions being minor characters, a few became more and more relevant to the plot as the show continued.  For instance, Draxum is an alchemist goat yokai who becomes the first major villain the turtles and April face, and Big Mama is a spider yokai who is later revealed to be a key part in the release of The Shredder and Splinter’s backstory.


5. Splinter’s design.

TMNT fans were so accustomed to seeing Splinter as stoic and wise that Rise’s design caused a bit of outrage amongst viewers.

Rise Splinter is small, fat, and unmotivated.  Due to his backstory and the creators wanting to stray as much from the other versions of his character as possible, he is more immature and has a lack of conviction.  Therefore, he is often interpreted as lazy and “too different” by viewers.

Overall, Rise of the Tmnt is an amazing piece of children’s media, and it did not deserve all of the hate and mistreatment it got from not just viewers, but Nickelodeon as well.