Weapon found on campus

On February 28th, 2023, a Red Bluff High School student reported to a teacher he saw another student with a weapon.  The teacher quickly alerted the main office and Officer Rosas who is the safety resource officer at RBHS.  This occurred after lunch.

Mr. Brose reported that in cases like this, an expulsion is recommended.Luckily, there were no injuries, along with no threats being made against the school or students. 

Mr. Hassey acknowledged the student who reported the weapon by talking to them and thanking them for their quick initiative. 

Superintendent Todd Brose was gracious enough to allow 2 RBHS students to interview him to get more information about the weapon on campus. Mr. Brose explained how there have been weapons on campus before, but he said that he is grateful for the school’s quick action to stop these kinds of situations from getting out of control.

 When asked if he feels that the school would be prepared in a potential shooting, Mr. Brose said “We are more prepared than we’ve ever been.” RBHS has spent a lot of time preparing for a school threat and, RBHS staff have taken every safety percussion that they can to help protect students.

 Various RBHS faculty members have expressed that they are appreciative of the calm steps that were taken to resolve the situation.