Unknown poisonous gas attacks targets hundreds of Iranian schoolgirls

Young Iranian schoolgirls have been poisoned in ongoing gas attacks during schools across the Islamic republic.  Rising fears that religious militant groups are waging a dangerous crusade against female education.

In November, In the holy city of Qom, a string of attacks began. Qom is the home to the most senior clergy, but authorities kept it from the public, according to media reports from Iran. It has become public due to the outburst of fallen victims of poisoning that have spread to other Iranian cities, including the capital Tehran.

Schoolgirls that have been affected have been hospitalized and it is unclear whether any girls have died as a result of the attacks. It has been reported from accounts on social media that they suffered breathing problems and vomiting; along with a burning sensation and paralysis in their legs.

A mother of a 15-year-old victim said that she arrived at her daughter’s school and saw doctors treating sick students in an ambulance while other students were laying on the ground, waiting for medical treatment.

The terrorists’ motivations for the attacks are unclear. Younes Panahi, Irans’ deputy health minister, said that the attackers wanted, “ to see all schools closed, in particular, girls’ schools.”

Former vice-president, linked the attacks to those under Boko Haram, the violent Nigerian militant Islamist group that is against female education.