Pierce the Veil Releases New Album

In 2023 on the 10th of February Pierce the Veil a well known “post-hardcore” band from San Diego California released a new album by the name of The Jaws of Life. 

Pierce the Veil formed out of San Diego in 2006  by the Fuentes brothers. Originally the group consisted of four members Mike Fuentes guitarist and vocalist, Vic Fuentes former drummer, Tony Perry  lead guitarist, and Jamie Precadio bassist. After Mike Fuentes, a former founder and drummer of the group left it is said on bestlinefit.com that a new drummer Loniel Robinson would be introduced to the group in his place. 

Due to Pierce the Veils record of hardcore rock music it was surprising to many viewers when they released an album with such a mellow aura. Pierce the Veil is most known for their songs King for a Day, A Match into Water, and Bulls in the Bronx. When we compare these songs to some of the songs on their new album we get a feel for how their new album is diverging into several genres. 

I feel it important to note that Pierce the Veil waAs on a hiatus in 2018 due to Mike Fuentes (former founder and drummer) stepping down due to focus on personal life, and allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. Their last album previous to The Jaws of Life was Misadventurous which was released in 2016, 2 years before their hiatus. Due to their hiatus it was unknown to fans when and if the band would release a new album. Safe to say fans are no longer worried, and seem to be more than happy with their new album. 

The album features 12 songs, the longest song Death of an Executor having a run time of 4 minutes and 28 seconds with the shortest Even When I’m Not With You having a run time of 2 minutes and 54 seconds. The run time of the album as a whole is 41 minutes and 31 seconds. 

As read on RollingStone.com it is said that fans enjoy how a few songs are similar to songs they’ve released before without being eerily similar. In the article they bring attention to several songs on their new album having potential to  be on their previous albums due to their similar vibes. If a new fan is coming to the scene having not listened to their music prior, The Jaws of Life is a good first listen. The album is mellow compared to previous albums so it won’t be so shocking to a first time listener.