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Harry Styles shockingly breaking barriers

Aaliyah Sides December 13, 2022

Harry Styles is a British singer and actor who rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction. Born on February 1, 1994 in Redditch, England, Styles grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Styles...

Locked bathrooms causing a disturbance

Naomi Craig December 7, 2022

Red Bluff High School, according to the office, has a total of sixteen restrooms. With many lavatories to go to, there are a plethora of chaotic antics that may go on, and few security personnel to oversee...

Ms. Garcia speaks to her students

Ms. Garcia speaks to her students

Alexus November 18, 2022

Ms. Garcia has been a math teacher for two years. Ms. Garcia didn't plan to become a teacher and claims it was never in her plans but it was something that just happened quickly with time. She graduated...

Life changing crash

Life changing crash

Naomi Craig November 18, 2022

At 5:55 p.m. on November 15, my Mother and I had a life changing moment.  We were driving back to my Mother’s house after my basketball practice and a parent-coach meeting. I was looking down at my...

The usage of anabolic steroids

Jazlyn Goss November 9, 2022

The usage of anabolic steroids in young athletes and teenagers today has skyrocketed. A study that the Youth Risk and Behavior Surveillance found was, which estimated that among U.S. high school students,...

What will life look like in 10 years?

Aaliyah Sides and Kaitlyn Stringer November 9, 2022

From the 40’s to the 50’s we invented helicopters, jet engines, and electronics. Many people felt like there wouldn't be many changes throughout this time, but they were proved wrong when they saw...

New chances not rejection

Sparrow Kafader November 2, 2022

Drug addiction has been thought to have begun around around two hundred million years ago.  We as humans have been dealing with that issue longer than we have with artificial intelligence, nuclear...

We Need to Realize That the Newest Generation Is not the Only Soft Generation in Our History

Kylie Crow October 31, 2022

The Civil Rights Movement, the Suffragette Movements, and many more movements that helped give people rights and change lives for the better all have one thing in common: they all happened before Generation...

Inability To Focus

Ryann Brewer October 31, 2022

Being able to focus in class has become a true struggle for almost all school students. I myself have been having trouble focusing. Mostly because I’m laughing at my friend’s idiotic behavior. You...

Dumbo Octopus

Jane Doe October 26, 2022

One mysterious day, in the deep sea lived a creature that you would not believe existed. With ears on the top of its head and webbed tentacles, this creature is one very few know — one called the Dumbo...

Drop the sidebar and expand the story

Drop the sidebar and expand the story

Sample Student October 16, 2022

This story is currently using Full-Width Page Template. Every story has three options for its story page: Full-Width, With Sidebar, or Long Form. Simply, select which you would like on the left hand side...

Create a custom header

Create a custom header

Author, Writer October 16, 2022

Your header graphic should have your logo, organization name, tagline, and any other essential information about your program. Your graphic should be sized to 980px wide, and the height should be between...

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